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a. Lostfield - Internal Affairs

Acid Drinkers - Fishdick Zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again

Airtime - Liberty Manifesto

Ajalon - This Good Place

Amoral - Show Your Colors

Asteroid - II

AtmOsfear - Zenith

Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Evil

Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold

Bad Sister - Because Rust Never Sleeps

Barren Earth - Curse Of The Red River

Beardfish - Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two

Beardfish - Destined Solitaire

Beyond The Labyrinth - Castles In The Sand

Bigelf - Cheat The Gallows

Birth Control - Birth Control LIVE

Bloodline Severed - Visions Revealed

Breed77 - Insects

Broken Marble - Stabbing My Heart

Calaveras - Water High

Central Park - Reflected

Circular Logic - One

Clairvoyants - Word To The Wise

Clawfinger - Life Will Kill You

Crush, Zac, Begg And A Friend - Cemetery Junction

Dante - Saturnine

Daybreakdown - Shinelikerust

daylight dies - Lost To The Living

Dead Heroes Club - A Time Of Shadow

Dear Superstar - Heartless

deep green sunset - Nova°

Deliverance - River Disturbance

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra - If Light Can't Save Us, I Know Darkness Will

Die Skeptiker - DaDa In Berlin

Dinner Auf Uranos - 50 Sommer - 50 Winter

Dirty Passion - Different Tomorrow

Dreamshade - What Silence Hides

Echoes - Nature / Existence

Eclectica - Dazzling Dawn

Eloy - Visionary

Errorhead - Modern Hippie

Fairytale - Rise Of The Twilight Lord

Five Fifteen - Alcohol

Forgotten Suns - Innnergy

Forgotten Tomb - Under Saturn Retrograde

Gentlemen's Blues Club - Vol. 2 - Longhorn Honeymoon

George Bellas - Planetary Alignment

Glass Hammer - Culture Of Ascent

Grave Robber - Be Afraid

Harm - Demonic Alliance

Havanna Heat Club - Specially Made For Your Satisfaction

Heartland - Mind Your Head

Hell N' Diesel - Passion For Power

Heretoir - Heretoir

Home - Home

Human Zoo - Over The Horizon

Ignitor - Road Of Bones

Jack Foster III - Jazzraptor's Secret

Jane - Traces

Jet Trail - Edge Of Existence

Joe Pitts - Just A Matter Of Time

Jolly - Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds Of Music

Jupiter Society - Terraform

Jupiter VI - Back From Mars

Keith Emerson Band - Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla

Kenzari's Middle Kata - Body Vs. Function

Kneipenterroristen - Die Ersten Werden Die Letzten Sein

Kosmic Horror - Zarkov Protocols Vol. 2

Layabout - Suburban Legends

Level-C - Level-C

Lonely Kamel - Blues For The Dead

Lucifer Was - The Crown Of Creation

Machinae Supremacy - A View From The End Of The World

Machinery - The Passing

Mark Lottermann - Better Things To Do

Metamorphosis - Dark

Michael Gill - Blues For Lazarus

Midnight Scraper - Fast Side - Slow Side

Mighty Vibez - We Comin' Around

Milan Polak - Murphy's Law

Milk+ - Who Was Mr. Feldman

My Brother The Wind - Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet

My Passion - Inside This Machine

Nektar - Book Of Days

Nevertrust - Eye Of The Observer

Nion - Firebird

No Machine - A Terrible Thing

Noctem - Divinity

Noize Machine - The Jumping Clown

Nuclear Blast Allstars - Out Of The Dark

October File - Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God

Pavlov's Dog - Echo + Boo

Pavlov's Dog - LIVE and unleashed

Peter Tosh - Live And Dangerous Boston 1976

Pyramaze - Immortal

RC2 - Future Awaits

Recognizer - Ditchpig

Reseda - When Life And Art Collide

Rude Revelation - Lost In Entropy

Sacrum - Cognition

Sanchez - Sanchez

Sean Walsh Band - timetravellersexmachine

Seven Steps To The Green Door - Step In 2 My World

Seventh Angel - The Dust Of Years

Shadowland - Falling

Shattered Hope - Absence

Sky Architect - Excavation Of The Mind

Spider Rockets - Ever After

Sternbuschweg - Die Unvollkommenheit

Steve Cradock - The Kundalini Target

Tadashi Goto - Innervisions

Takara - Invitation To Forever

Tank Buster Jack - Rock'n'Roll Never Dies

Tempestt - Bring 'Em On

Terminal - Tree Of Lie

Tharsys - Under Her Dead Hands

The Cheaters - The Cheaters L.P.

The Destiny Programm - Subversive Blueprint

The Devine Baze Orchestra - Dead But Dreaming

The Phase - Reviews

The Roxx - Unleash Your Demon

The Roxx - History - Decade One 1984 - 1994

The Roxx - Ironic Truth

The Souls - The Grand Confusion

The Stout - Locked And Loaded

Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls

This Misery Garden - Another Great Day On Paradise

tiles - fly paper

Titus Tommy Gun - La Peneratica Svavolya

Transilvanian Beat Club - Das Leben Soll Doch Schön Sein

Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Reflections On The Future

Uncolored Wishes - World Under Control

Virgin Snatch - Act Of Grace

Von Hertzen Brothers - Stars Aligned

Vonassi - The Battle Of Ego

Votum - Time Must Have A Stop

Votum - Metafiction

We Are Wolf - Aeons

Werner Nadolnys Jane - Proceed With Memories

White Pulp - Lost Inc.

Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad

Whitesnake - Forever More

WolfSpring - WolfSpring

X-Dream - Terms Of Paradise (Demo)

Zero Mentality - Black Rock