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!T.O.O.T! - Order And Punishment

Abandoned - Thrash Notes

Alexa - Alexa

Angtoria - God Has A Plan For Us All

April - Tidelines

Aretha Franklin - Original Album Classics

Atomic Flower - Mercenary

Avian - From The Dephts Of Time

B.S.T. - Hamburg City Doom (EP)

Backdraft - The Second Coming

Bad Machine - Motörfreakout

Beardfish - Sleeping in Traffic: Part One

Beggar's Bride - Boulevard Of Broken Hearts

Benedictum - Uncreation

Benedictum - Seasons Of Tragedy

Bible Of The Devil - The Diabolic Procession

Black River - Black'n'Roll

Black Sabbath - The Dio Years

Black Sabbath - Live at Hammersmith Odeon

Black Sabbath - The Rules Of Hell

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Black Sabbath - Seventh Star (Deluxe Edition)

Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol (Deluxe Edition)

Black Sabbath - Born Again (DeLuxe Edition)

Black Space Riders - Black Space Riders

Blackshine - Lifeblood

Blondie - Singles Collection 1977-1982

Brand New Sin - Tequila

Brave New World - Monsters

Burn - Global Warning

Chris Laney - Pure

Chris Laney - Only Came Out One Night

Chris Poland - Return To Metalopolis Live

CJSS - 2-4-1

Cloven Hoof - Eye Of The Sun

Count Raven - The Reissues

Cycle Of Pain - Cycle Of Pain

David Surkamp - Dancing On The Edge Of A Tea Cup

Dawn Of Winter - The Peaceful Dead

Deep Purple - Come Taste The Band (35th Anniversary Edition)

Deep Purple - Deepest Purple (30th Anniversary Edition)

Def Leppard - Pyromania (Classic Review)

Delpht - Living In Fantasy

Derailed - Judgement Day

Dio - Angry Machines & Last In Live

Dio - At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987

Dreamland - Future's Calling

Dreamland - Eye For An Eye

Endeverafter - Kiss Or Kill

Evoken/Beneath The Frozen Soil - Evoken/Beneath The Frozen Soil

Fire Trails - Third Moon

First Child - Queen Of Hearts

First Child - Souvenirs

Fleetwood Mac - Original Album Classics

Flesh - Worship The Soul Of Disgust

From Behind - Game Over

Gambler - Rock On Blues

Gary Moore - The Platinum Collection

Gillan - Mutually Assured Destruction

Gillan - Mr Universe (Remastered)

Gillan - Glory Road (Remastered)

Gillan - Future Shock (Remastered)

Gillan - Double Trouble (Remastered)

Gillan - Magic (Remastered)

Gillan - The Singles & Promo Videos

Gillan - Triple Touble

Hauteville - Relief Data Incomplete

Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know

Horn Of The Rhino - Weight Of Coronation

House Of Lords - Live In The UK

Hyades - The Roots Of Trash

Ian Gillan - Gillan's Inn

Ian Gillan - Live In Anaheim

Ian Gillan Band - Child In Time (Remastered)

Ian Gillan Band - Live At The Budokan (Remastered)

Icarus Witch - Songs For The Lost

Icarus Witch - Capture the Magic

Jerusalem - Escalator

Jex Thoth - Witness

Judas Priest - (Classic Review) The Remastered CD's

Khymera - A New Promise

Killing Machine - Metalmorphosis

Kongo Skulls - Perfect Suicide

Leanne Harte - Leanne Harte

Lethargy - Purification

Mad Max - White Sands

Mannhai - Hellroad Caravan

Manzana - Babies Of Revolution

Michael Schenker Group - Classic Review (The Remastered Alben)

Minotaur - Power Of Darkness

Moonstone Project - Hidden In Time

Moonstone Project - Rebel On The Run

Mott The Hoople - Original Album Classics

Mountain - Original Album Classic

MPG - Road To Salvation

Mägo De Oz - Rarezas

Nazareth - The Remastered CD's

Nazareth - Expect No Mercy/No Mean City (remastered)

Nazareth - Malice In Wonderland/The Fool Circle

Nazareth - It's Snaz (Remastered Edition)

Nazareth - 2XS/Sound Elixir (Remastered)

Nazareth - The Catch/Cinema (Remastered)

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon (Classic Review)

Paganize - Evolution Hour

Paul Sabu - Strange Messiah

Perpetual Dreams - Arena

Persuader - When Eden Burns

Persuader - Evolution Purgatory

Persuader - The Hunter

Phönix Rising - Phönix Rising

Phönix Rising - Crime Scene Cleaner

Plasmatics - Coup d'Etat

Quiet Riot - Rehab

Rainbow - Live in Munich 1977

Randy Piper's Animal - Virus

Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel

Reflection - When Shadows Fall

Reverend Bizarre - III:So Long Suckers

Sahg - Sahg I

Sahg - Sahg II

Seven Witches - Amped

Seven Witches - Deadly Sins

Shadowside - Dare To Dream

Shortino - Chasing My Dream

Sludge - Lava

Smokie - Original Album Classics

Solitude Aeturnus - Alone

Speedy Gonzales - Electric Stalker

Stormzone - Caught In The Act

The Burning - Storm The Walls

The Carburetors - Loud Enough To Raise The Dead

The Carburetors - Rock'n'Roll Forever

The Cotton Soeterboek Band - Twisted

The Graviators - The Graviators

The Hoochie Coochie Men - Danger: White Men Dancing

The Prowlers - Devil's Bridge

This Is Ghost Country - Red Desert Blues EP

Toja - Train Of Life

Touch The Spider - Souls For Sale

Touch The Spider - Tales Of Woe

Triosphere - Onwards

Trouble - Simple Mind Condition

Tystnaden - Sham Of Perfection

Uli Roth - Best Of

Uriah Heep - Into The Wild

Uriah Heep - Live In Kawasaki Japan 2010

Various Artists - W:O:A - Full Metal Juke Box

Various Artists - W:O:A Full Metal Juke Box Vol. 4

Veni Domine - 23:59

Viking Skull - Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey

Voodoo Six - First Hit For Free

Voodoocake - Fetishist

Wencke Myhre - Oh No No

White Spirit - White Spirit

White Wolf - Victim Of The Spotlight

Whitesnake - Box 'O' Snakes: The Sunburst Years 1978-1982

Winterlong - Metal Technology

Zeelion - Steel Attack